How to Choose an Adjustable Ladder

Adjustable ladders

by on May 19, 2010

I’ll be honest choosing an adjustable ladder isn’t easy. There are a lot of different options out there with a lot of different price ranges. But I’ve looked at a TON of adjustable ladders and put together this information to help you choose the best adjustable ladder for you and your home or business.

  1. Know the Size

First things first – you need to know the size of the adjustable ladder you want to buy. 12 feet probably won’t cut it for outside most homes; but inside a house for painting you might be ok with 12 or 13 feet. However, I would recommend just getting a 22 foot ladder with free shipping. This will help you get both inside your home and up to reach your gutters (in most homes). With adjustable ladders you can make them telescope so they are shorter and taller. For instance, my 22 foot ladder we normally store folded up and collapsed in the garage and it’s only about 5 feet high when we store it.  Or for $50 cheaper if you have a shorter house you can get a 17 foot ladder (still with free shipping.)

  1. Know Adjustable Ladder Prices

Adjustable ladders can be a bit pricey – but when you buy a truly adjustable ladder you likely only need one. Why? Because a 22 foot ladder will get you to reach a 10 foot spot and a 15 foot spot too! You can buy this 17 foot ladder for under $150 with free shipping or the 22 foot for under $200 with free shipping from Amazon.

  1. Determine the Material of the Adjustable Ladder

Honestly, you’re going to want a stainless steel adjustable ladder. These are durable and weatherproof and easy to clean when you get paint and leaves and dirt on them.

  1. Go to Store and Buy or Get Free Shipping?

When we bought our ladder we would have had to rent a truck to get one home from the store. Plus we would have had to pay for sales tax. So, I highly recommend that you buy from Amazon where it will get delivered straight to your door with free shipping!

Here are my favorite adjustable ladders:

All of these you can adjust to make a work platform!

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